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Dressed Green Salad

This salad recipe may seem a bit boring and insignificant, but this recipe is sort of the basic foundation of salads. It will help you learn how to wash, look after and prepare and dress your salads so you can really enjoy them.

I know salad bags are really convenient and, yes, I do use them at times, but I’ve also got into the habit of picking a few different lettuce heads like Romaine, butterhead lettuce, oak leaf, a little radicchio, and also sprouted seeds and herbs, to make up my own salad mix once a week. It works out a lot cheaper to do it this way – it only takes about 15 minutes to sort out.

To wash your salad leaves:
When you get your lettuces home, remove the roots and any not-so-nice outside leaves first, then click or tear off the rest of the leaves and give them a good old wash in cold water. Once they’re clean, give them a spin in a salad spinner or shake them dry in a tea towel.

To store your salad leaves:
If you line a salad crisper drawer in your refrigerator with a couple of clean kitchen towels and lay your leaves on top, covering them with another towel, they’ll keep there happily for 4 days. Then you can simply make up your own mixed salads, dressing the leaves with one of my jam jar dressings .

To dress your salad leaves:
Pour the dressing from a height and gently toss the leaves, using the tips of your fingers, until every single leaf is coated