In The Community

Eyking Farms is active within their surrounding community by supporting various community events. Each summer, the Millville Eggfest and the Annual Pumpkin Weigh-In brings great crowds from communities throughout Cape Breton.

Eyking Farms also lends a hand to the community's youth by sponsoring minor hockey and local dance groups. The farm contributes to organizations like the Royal Canadian Legion, Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers, and the Police Association of Nova Scotia.

The Local Food Movement

An investment in an Eyking Farms product is an investment in local food – and in local communities. Consumers throughout North America are realizing that they want to feel a connection with local growers and with the vegetables they produce – and our products offer that opportunity. Small family farms like Eykings reinvest their resources in the community – by supplying jobs, purchasing local goods and services, and by helping to support other local businesses.

Our products are sold by major Atlantic Canadian retailers like Sobeys and Loblaws (Atlantic Superstore, No Frills), companies that have made a commitment to purchasing and featuring Eyking Farms and Green Atlantic products throughout our regular growing season. For consumers in the Cape Breton region Eyking Farms also operates a farm market store in the Millville area that features its own freshly-grown produce.

Consumers throughout Cape Breton are given the opportunity to buy local produce and other “made in Cape Breton” products each week at the Cape Breton Farmer’s Market (CBFM). The market takes place each Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at 340 Keltic Drive in Sydney River.


Eyking Farms is committed to strong and sustainable farming practices that keep the land healthy and nourished. The crops are rotated regularly and when necessary the land is left dormant while the soil is enriched with nutrient-rich forage crops. Agricultural harvest waste and surplus product that is grown at the farm is fed back to the soil.

Members of the Eyking family have experimented with vermiculture trials and with growing organic products. Over the decades that the farm has existed, significant investments have been made in ensuring that waterways and natural habitats are protected.