Our Story

When people think about buying fresh vegetables, they like to imagine these products were grown in a peaceful, out-of-the-way country setting, where farm families have come together for generations to support the continuation of local food.

At Eyking Farms, this ideal of producing fresh vegetables in an environment that nurtures both high quality products – and a rural way of life – is alive and well. From their breathtakingly beautiful 200 acre farm in Millville, Cape Breton, Eyking Farms has been growing vegetables for wholesale markets in Atlantic Canada for more than four generations.

The story begins in Holland in the 1950's, where John. S. Eyking Senior and his wife Jeanne, the founders of Eyking Farms, grew up learning traditional European farming methods. These methods stressed the importance of working in harmony with the land and the environment – and with family and the surrounding community – to produce horticultural products of unsurpassed quality.

John and Jeanne transplanted their commitment to farming excellence to North American shores in the early 1960's, when he immigrated to Canada and eventually bought land in the fertile Boularderie region of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This expansive, soil-rich region, which is surrounded on three sides by the waters of Cape Breton's magnificent inland sea – the Bras D'Or Lakes, proved to be a prosperous choice for the Eyking family. As the family grew to encompass ten children, numerous grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews, so did the range of farming activities at the Eyking's home base in Millville, Boularderie Island.

Today, Eyking Farms is part of network of farming operations that are owned and operated by the Eyking family.

While the farm operations have gradually expanded, the family's commitment to producing nutritious, healthy, fresh vegetables has remained constant. The Eyking Farms brand, and our new generation of Green Atlantic products, is a symbol of quality and of enduring farming values – and a link to produce that is grown the way we imagine it – in the serene natural environment of Boularderie Island, Cape Breton.